What are 3 deep breaths and exhalations capable of?

Probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of a little stress is to do it instantly and take back control of yourself with three deep breaths and exhales.

Take 3 deep breaths:

Every time you inhale slowly and deeply (try to start inhaling from the navel)
Exhale slowly and evenly.
Why is this method so effective?

Breathing has a direct effect on two parts of the brain, the amygdala, and the prefrontal cortex.

The amygdala is responsible for the body’s emergency response system. It incorporates emergency breathing patterns – short, fast and high chest. When we are worried, we most often breathe. By the time you breathe slowly and deeply again, the amygdala receives a signal the danger is gone. As a result, other stress reactions are eliminated.

In the pre-frontal cortex, responsible for the conscious processing of information in the brain, it is the part responsible for cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision-making, regulation of social behavior, and moderation of certain aspects of speech and language.

It has two modes: “peace” and “quick response”. Usually in “sleep mode” – the brain thinks about the past, present and future, as well as about what is happening in our lives.

By consciously taking 3 deep breaths, we pay attention to breathing. It switches modes in the pre-frontal cortex from “quick reaction” to “rest” mode. The reaction caused by unexpected stress is interrupted, again signaling to the amygdala that the danger is gone.

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