Cold Brew Coffee Powder – 12 sticks


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Niksen Cold Brew Coffee, with the power of 1,5 espresso, is the first European instant coffee soluble in cold water. Even though it’s a cold version of your favorite drink, with its rich, creamy taste that reminds you of caramelized chocolate, it will warm up all your senses. Made with single-origin 100% Arabica coffee beans in the specific cold-making process, make Niksen Cold Brew Coffee 70% less acidic and light for your belly. It’s extremely user-friendly and easy to make – add your coffee to 100 ml of water. Forget about boiling the water or grinding. You can take it with you to work for a walk with your dog or hiking with your family. There is no more excuse to feel sleepy.

— Tasty
Free from the instant coffee flavor.

— Effortless
Ready in the blink of an eye.

— Pure
No sugar, only 100% arabica coffee.


One portion = strength of 1,5 espressos.

Simply add to 100 ml of water, stir and enjoy.
Preparation time: 2 seconds
Yes, you really don’t have to boil water.
Can be served icy-cold or cozy-warm.
Perfect for lattes, cocktails, or mocktails.


Pack of 12 sticks (12×1,2g)


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