4 CHEF Happiness


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Turn every dish into an unforgettable gastro-functional experience with 5 Michelin stars. Just one drop of 4 CHEF Happiness Organic Liquid Mixture of Fermented Herbs and Spices will bring splendor to your plate and encourage true happiness that comes from the belly. Keep it with you always and everywhere. This limited edition gourmet food supplement was created by carefully choosing ingredients that have been used for centuries to encourage feelings of joy, enthusiasm, and a good mood. Your new secret ingredient is hidden in 4 CHEF – a small bottle that combines gourmet hedonism and functional herbal essences.



  • it can promote digestive health
  • a combination of herbs that can contribute to a sense of happiness
  • a genuine limited edition treat for all gourmets

Country of origin: EU

Net amount: 10 ml

Eco control body: HR-EKO-09


Drop one drop of Cidrani 4Chef Happiness Organic Liquid Blend on your meal and indulge in a gourmet sensation. You can add this premium spice to the soup, steak, fish, or any dish you want to liven up to taste in a new guise. Indulge in the joys of creation inside and out – on your plate.

Storage conditions: Store in a dry and dark place.


Due to the fast-paced lifestyle, we often do not always get to eat what we would really like, and in places where we would like. Limited edition Cidrani 4Chef gourmet line is designed as a very practical little bottle that hides the finest spices and your drop of true happiness that will, no matter where you are or what you eat, teleport you to the finest restaurant you want.


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